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The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

Seeking Part-time Library Technician

Posted August 30, 2018

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF), Great Falls, Montana, seeks a motivated part-time Library Technician. This is a multi-year position for up to 20 - 24 hours per week, starting at $13 per hour, increase due within fiscal year. Work hours are flexible. Applicant must show previous library or archives experience since much of the work will be done without direct supervision. Knowledge of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and related subjects is also important.

The position is located at the LCTHF's William P. Sherman Library and Archive, housed in the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, 4201 Giant Springs Road, Great Falls, Montana. This special collection houses books, serials, maps, photographs, archives, a-v materials and three-dimensional objects related to the Lewis and Clark story and related topics.

The work will focus on accessioning and cataloging incoming materials, arranging and describing archival collections, maintaining the collection, and assisting researchers either in-person or remotely. Ability to enter, edit and query database records is required.  Standard procedures are in place for accomplishing the work, but the technician will need to work independently and be self-motivated to ensure work is done thoroughly and consistently.

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply. Application, a full position description, and procedures for applying are available at Please call Lindy Hatcher, Executive Director, at 406-454-1234 for any questions about the hiring process. Applications must be RECEIVED by 5:00 pm, Monday, September 17, 2018.

Library Technician Position Description

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's (LCTHF) William P. Sherman Library and Archives (WPSLA) contains materials useful to researchers interested in the history of the Corps of Discovery, western exploration, the stories of the native peoples inhabiting the lands of the Missouri-Columbia River systems, and natural history of the lands the Corps traversed. Archives primarily document the history of the LCTHF as an organization and the bicentennial commemoration of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from 2003 – 2006. The Library also has a collection of three-dimensional objects related to these subjects.

LIBRARY FUNCTIONS - The work requires practical knowledge of library and related information services: ie, the tools, methods, procedures, policies and ethics required to acquire, organize, preserve, access, and disseminate informational resources. The Library Technician performs a wide variety of tasks, such as accessioning and then cataloging materials approved by the volunteer librarian using written and verbal guidelines. Cataloged materials are labeled and housed per guidelines, and placed in designated locations within the library for consistent access. Any situations or difficulties in processing library materials are discussed with the work leader to come to a determination.

REFERENCE FUNCTIONS - The technician assists users with the public access catalog and other finding aids, then pulls material from the library or archives for researchers by querying the automated system, re-shelving library/archive materials, assuring that all items are in proper call number sequence. Should questions arise that the Technician cannot answer, queries are forwarded to the volunteer librarian or other subject-area specialists in a timely manner so as to aid the researcher. Technician strives to master his/her knowledge of the subjects related to the collection in order to assist visitors and to make decisions in the processing of materials.

ARCHIVE FUNCTIONS - The Technician requires practical knowledge of basic archival policies and procedures: ie, the tools and methods for evaluating, arranging and describing the materials within an unprocessed archival collection. The Technician arranges and describes assigned collections, using standard methods and instruction. During processing, the Technician removes duplicative or non-archival materials, and separates materials that need special housing. The Technician is responsible for creating a draft finding aid as a collection is processed, using the template established. Methods for ensuring the preservation of archival materials are used in all tasks. Any decisions about archival processing that are not straightforward are discussed with the volunteer librarian for determination.