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The archives of the William P. Sherman Library contain the official records of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation (LCTHF) and many of its Officers and Chapters—from its early work to see a Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail established, through the national Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, and on to present-day activities. We maintain the personal research papers of several Lewis and Clark scholars, and of entities created to commemorate the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial 2003–2006.

These papers are non-circulating, and may be reviewed on-site by appointment Monday through Friday at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana. Please call 406-454-1234 to make arrangements. At this time, not all collections have been fully processed, but remain available for research use.

Collection Number Collection Title Finding Aid Approx. Vol.
AR-2003-01 Robert B. Betts Papers, 1978-1993 Yes 2.0 lf
AR-2003-02 Conflict of Cultures Symposium, 2003 Yes 1.0 lf
AR-2003-03 William P. Sherman Papers No 5.0 lf
AR-2003-04 We Proceeded On Master Set and Supplements, 1974 to current No 3.0 lf
AR-2004-01 Sheila Robinson Papers, 1968-2001 Yes 3.0 lf
AR-2004-02 G. Edward (Gus) Budde Papers, 1970 - 1981 Yes 2.0 lf
AR-2004-03 Robert E. Gatten, Jr. Papers, 1989-2001 Yes 8.0 lf
AR-2004-04 Lewis and Clark Descendant Project, 1999-2005 Yes 14.0 lf
AR-2005-01 Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Records, 1962 – 2005 Yes 35.0 lf
AR-2007-01 The L & C Journal 1970-1973, LC Trail Newsletter, 1973-1982, Budde/Muhly Correspondence Yes 0.5 lf
AR-2007-02 Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Establishment Project, 1961-1978 Yes 3.0 lf
AR-2007-03 Harry Fritz Papers Yes 9.0 lf
AR-2007-04 Jim Merritt (WPO Editor) Papers, 1999 - 2006 Yes 9.0 lf
AR-2007-05 Sammye Meadows Papers, Director, Circle of Tribal Advisors, 2000 - 2007 Yes 5.0 lf
AR-2007-06 Don Nell Papers re: LCTHF and Headwaters Chapter, 1971 - 2000 List 18.0 lf
AR-2008-01 Phil Scriver Papers re: Under the Big Sky Bicentennial. Signature. Event, 2005 Yes 0.5 lf
AR-2008-02 Andrew Guilliford Papers, 1999-2003 Yes 1.0 lf
AR-2008-03 Bureau of Land Management Records re: Bicentennial Activities, 2003 - 2006 Yes 2.0 lf
AR-2008-04 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Events, 2003, 2004
Jefferson’s West, Monticello
Falls of the Ohio
Three Flags Ceremony, St. Louis
Expedition Departure, DuBois
Preparations Complete
First Tribal Council
Oceti Sakowin: Remembering and Educating
Circle of Culture, Time of Renewal
No 6.0 lf
AR-2008-05 Annual Convention of the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial, 2003 Yes 0.5 lf
AR-2008-06 Clark on the Yellowstone Signature Event, 2006 No 0. lf5
AR-2008-07 Wendy Raney (Editor of WPO) Papers, 2007 Yes 3.0 lf
AR-2008-08 Corps of Discovery Member and Descendant Files, 2005 to present Yes 3.0 lf
AR-2008-09 Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Oral History of the LC Trail Project, 2004 - 2008 Yes 2.0 lf
AR-2008-10 Lewis and Clark  Bicentennial Signature Event, Heart of America, 2004 Yes 3.0 lf
AR-2008-11 Game Trails of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Manuscript by Raymond D. Burroughs Yes 0.5 lf
AR-2008-12 USPS Lewis and Clark Commemorative Stamp Event, Great Falls, MT, May 14, 2004 No 0.5 lf
AR-2009-01 Circle of Tribal Advisors for the National Council of the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial (restrictions) Yes 60 lf
AR-2009-02 Lewis and Clark Curriculum Guide Collection Compiled by Barbara D. Minard, 1993 - 2008 Yes 2.0 lf
AR-2009-03 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Materials Compiled by Hal Stearns, Jr., 2002 - 2006 Yes 4.0 lf
AR-2009-05 Thomas Danisi Papers re: Meriwether Lewis No 3.0 lf
AR-2010-01 National Council for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Papers No 20.0 lf
AR-2011-01 Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation Organizational Files, 2005 – 2011 Yes 30.0 lf
Unassigned Minnesota Chapter Papers, 2006 - 2010 No 3.0 lf
Unassigned Campbell Papers No 1.0 lf
Unassigned Don Nell Visual Resources Collection No 0.5 lf
Unassigned Donald Jackson Materials No 3.0 lf
Unassigned USS Lewis and Clark Launch No 3.0 lf
Unassigned Corps II, National Park Service Traveling Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibit No 3.0 lf
Unassigned Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Materials Compiled by Helen Markwell No 3.0
Unassigned Jay Buckley Papers, 2007 – 2013 No digital
Unassigned Badger State Chapter Files No 0.5 lf
Unassigned Barbara Kubik Papers, 1995 – 2008 No 4.0 lf