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=== Eastern Legacy Map
=== Eastern Legacy Maps ===
*Eastern Legacy Preliminary Study Corridors
*Eastern Legacy Preliminary Study Corridors
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*Lower Ohio River Valley View
*Lower Ohio River Valley View
*Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Confluence View
*Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Confluence View

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Lewis & Clark Route


National Park Service Maps

  • Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail National Park Service GIS Map

A GIS-based map application shows campsites from multiple researchers, routes, land ownership, coordinates, and other features.

Eastern Legacy Maps

  • Eastern Legacy Preliminary Study Corridors

  • Northeastern Regional View

  • Upper Ohio River Valley Regional View

  • Eastern Regional View

  • Roanoke to Cumberland Gap Regional View

  • Lower Ohio River Valley View

  • Mississippi and Ohio Rivers Confluence View

  • Southeastern Regional View of Preliminary Study Corridors

Lewis & Clark Campsites at Google Map

Lewis & Clark Campsites Westward Bound Part 1 (Pittsburgh to Fort Mandan):

Lewis & Clark Campsites Westward Bound Part 2 (Fort Mandan to Fort Clatsop):,-112.675781&spn=13.354019,33.815918

Lewis & Clark Campsites Eastward Bound (Fort Clatsop to St. Louis):,-107.006836&spn=28.116444,67.631836

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