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AdreonWilliam ClarkA February Birthdate: An Infant Explorer Joins the Expedition1979February5114PDF
AhlerStanley A.The Knife River Quarries1988May1424PDF
AllenJohn LoganThe Summer of Decision: Lewis and Clark in Montana, 18051976Fall238PDF
AllenJohn LoganIn the Wake of the Red Pirogue: Lewis and Clark and the Exploration of the American West, 1806 - 18451985November1147PDF
AmbroseStephen ESnow Conditions on the Lolo Trail, Some Comparisons1978February4112PDF
AmbroseStephen E.Lewis as Ethnographer: the Shoshones1995February21113PDF
AmbroseStephen E.Lewis as Ethnographer: the Clatsops and the Chinooks1995May21217PDF
AmbroseStephen E.Reliving the Adventures of Meriwether Lewis2003February29111PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieBurning Daylight with the Captains1999August25319PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieAn 'Arduous Journey' With a Vital Goal (President's Message)2010November3642PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieDear Friends (President's Message)2011February3712PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieA busy winter and a promising spring (President's Message)2011May3724PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieProceeding On From a Challenging Spring (President's Message)2011August3734PDF
Ambrose-TubbsStephanieThomas Jefferson's Grandaughter in Quen Victoria's England: The Travel Diary of Ellen Wayles Coolidge, 1838-1839 (Book Review)2012February38130PDF
AndersonElizabethSigning at the Vivid Air1999February25126PDF
AndersonIrving W.Sacajawea? - Sakakawea? - Sacagawea? Spelling - Pronunciation - Meaning1975Summer1310PDF
AndersonIrving W.Meriwether Lewis' Letters to his Mother1978May426PDF
AndersonIrving W.Washington State's Mt. St. Helens Mentioned by Lewis and Clark1980August6314PDF
AndersonIrving W.Beware the Apocrypha1986August1235PDF
AndersonIrving W.Myths Cloud True Role of Sacagawea in White Conquest of the West1993November19428PDF
AndersonIrving W.The (almost final) Word on Sacagawea1996August22322PDF
AndersonIrving W.Sacagawea: Her Name and her Destiny1999November2546PDF
AndersonIrving W.Sacagawea, Sacajawea, or Sakakawea: How Do Your Spell Birdwoman?2012August38310PDF
ArchibaldRobert R.Carlos DeLassus: Another Point of View1993November19416PDF
ArnoldMildredCity of the Sun1993May19220PDF
BarnardRachel"That They May Be Informed Who We Were.": A Historiography of the Corps of Discovery from the Last Decade2010November36419PDF
BarbieDonna J.Bird Woman, Donna Reed & A Golden Coin: Visual Portrayals of Sacagawea2012August38319PDF
BauerDellaPutting the Corps in the Core Curriculum: The Lewis and Clark Expedition in Textbooks2010November36414PDF
BauerBettyOseph of the Corps of Discovery (or The Mouse that Stowed Away)2011May37228PDF
BauerDellaAnnual Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska2011November37431PDF
BeemanRobertMeriwether Lewis's Wonder Weapon2006May32229PDF
BensonGuyClark & Lewis homeplaces featured1995May21210PDF
BensonKeith R.Herpetology on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804-18061999November25424PDF
BergantinoRobert NA Moon to Light the Way1990August16319PDF
BergantinoRobert N.Revisiting Fort Mandan's Longitude2001November27419PDF
BergerKnuteLewis and Clark journals offer new insights if you read between the lines 2010August36337PDF
BergquistAlveraKarl Bodmer1999May25228PDF
BettsRobert BThe Writingest explorers of their time: New Estimates of the Number of Words in the published journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition 1981August734PDF
BettsRobert B.we commenced writing &c: A Salute to the Ingenious Spelling and Grammar of William Clark1980November6410PDF
BillianHarold B.Andalusia, Country Home of Nicholas Biddle1980August639PDF
BotkinDanielDeSoto Bend National Wildlife Refuge: What Happens When We Stop a River's Meandering1999August25329PDF
BrodheadMichael J.Dr. Elliott Coues and Sergeant Charles Floyd1978July436PDF
BrodheadMichael J.The Military Naturalist: a Lewis and Clark Heritage1983November946PDF
BrownJo AnnNew Light on Some of the Expedition Engages1996August22314PDF
BrownJo AnnGeorge Drouillard and Fort Massac1999November25416PDF
BuchelSusanSome difference between him and me2006February32135PDF
BuckleyJay H.The Price of Used Paper: How a treasure trove of William Clark documents was rescued from the scrap heap2001February2717PDF
BuckleyJay H.Proceeding On: Continuity Amid Change (President's Message)2011November3742PDF
BuckleyJay H.Peace and Friendship During Troubled Times (President's Message)2012February3812PDF
BuckleyJay H.From the Great Falls of the Missouri to the Falls of the Ohio2012May3822PDF
BuckleyJay H.In Peace and Good Friendship2012August3832PDF
BuckleyJay H.William Clark: Reflections on His Interactions with Family, Native Nations, and Landscapes2013May39225PDF
BuckleyJay H.Short Tempers and Long Knives: Hostilities Between the Blackfeet Confederacy and American Fur Trappers from 1806 to 18402013May3928PDF
BurnhamPatricia M.Lewis and Clark at Ross's Hole: The story behind Charles M. Russell's painting2000August26318PDF
BurnsRuth S.Descendants of Lewis and Clark's horses run wild in Pryor mountains1987August1334PDF
BurroughsRaymond DarwinLewis and Clark in buffalo country1976Winter216PDF
CampH. CarlJourney's End for the Iron Boat2003August29314PDF
CampH. CarlIron Boat's Fate: The Debate Continues2004May30233PDF
CampH. CarlThe Corps of Discovery's Retrograde Maneuvers2005November31423PDF
CampH. CarlThe Corps of Discovery: Improvisers Extraordinaire2008February3419PDF
CampH. CarlThe Curious Case of the Purloined Preface2010February36112PDF
CampH. CarlVoyages from Montreal: Alexander Mackenzie reached the Pacific2011May3726PDF
CarrickMichael F.Meriwether Lewis's Air Gun2002November28415PDF
CarrickMichael F.Isaiah Lukens of Philadelphia: Mechanical Genius2011May37232PDF
CarrickMichael F.Weapons of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (Garry book review)2013May39235PDF
CarrickerRobertThe Indianization of Lewis and Clark by William R. Swagerty2014May40230N/A
CarrikerRobertBob Hunt sought adventure and answers in Lewis and Clark Expedition2010August3636PDF
CarrikerRobert C.The traveling seminar: following Lewis and Clark on the Upper Missouri1996November22416PDF
ChalkleyMikeEagle Feather Goes to Washington2003May2926PDF
ChalkleyMikeA Man Dimly Lit By History2003November29422PDF
ChalkleyMikeCharles Willson Peale2005August31310PDF
ChalkleyMikeLandscapes Preserved for History2005August31327PDF
CharbonneauLouisSeaman's trail: facts vs. fiction1989November1548PDF
ChattersRoy M.The not-so-enigmatic Lewis and Clark airgun1977May324PDF
ChuinardE.G.Charlottesville / Monticello, Virginia, revisited1975Summer134PDF
ChuinardE.G.The Photographs of Sergeant Patrick Gass1976Fall234PDF
ChuinardE.G.A medical mystery at Fort Clatsop1977May328PDF
ChuinardE.G.Clark's Nutcracker: story about my friend and a bird1980May626PDF
ChuinardE.G.Sergeant Patrick Gass: Irishman? Scotsman?1982February815PDF
ChuinardE.G.Where did the Lewis and Clark expedition start?1982May8214PDF
ChuinardE.G.The Court-martial of Ensign Meriwether Lewis (Some observations to the Court -martial of the Expedition's Private Newman)1982November8412PDF
ChuinardE.G.The lost is found! A postscript to Only One Man Died1983August934PDF
ChuinardE.G.The Western end of the Lewis and Clark trail1986August1237PDF
ChuinardE.G.A bowl of friendship1987August13320PDF
ChuinardE.G.Fincastle-Santillane and William and Judith Clark1988February14110PDF
ChuinardE.G.The pillars of Jefferson1989February15114PDF
ChuinardE.G.Masons pay tribute to Lewis and Clark1989February15115PDF
ChuinardE.G.The Masonic apron of Meriwether Lewis1989February15116PDF
ChuinardE.G.Lewis and Clark: Master Masons1989February15119PDF
ChuinardE.G.A Return to Historic Virginia1990May16222PDF
ChuinardE.G.How did Meriwether Lewis die? It was Murder (Part 1 of 3)1991August1734PDF
ChuinardE.G.How did Meriwether Lewis die? It was Murder (Part 2 of 3)1991November1744PDF
ChuinardE.G.How did Meriwether Lewis die? It was Murder (Part 3 of 3)1992January1814PDF
ClarkSamThe Expedition's Dutch Ancestor: New research examining Adriaen vander Donck2011February37125PDF
ClearyRitaCharbonneau Reconsidered: A revisionist look at the Corps's interpreter2000May26220PDF
CobiaAaronPrince Madoc and the Welsh Indians: Was there a Mandan Connection?2011August37316PDF
Colter FrickRuth L.Meriwether Lewis's Personal Finances2002February28116PDF
CooperNancy J.A remedial researcher's pursuit of a fiddling Founding Father1995May2124PDF
CooperRyanMake New Discoveries and Plan Your Next Adventure2013May39236PDF
CornettPeggy"A Wide and Fruitful Land": The Horticultural Potential of Lewis and Clark Plants2012February38114PDF
CoulterTimothy ForrestDiscovering John Colter: New Research on His Family and His Death2014May40225N/A
CraftRoy D.Lewis and Clark's Wapato: Endangered Plant Fight for Survival1982February816PDF
CrutchfieldJames A.An ode to Lewis and Clark1989November15412PDF
CushingRickAnd the winnah is.....Colonel Clark called the Shot1991May17227PDF
Cutright Paul R.Andalusia, Country Home of Nicholas Biddle1980August639PDF
CutrightPaul R.Well traveled plants of Lewis and Clark1978February416PDF
CutrightPaul R.Dr. Elliott Coues and Sergeant Charles Floyd1978July436PDF
CutrightPaul R.Dr. Elijah Harry Criswell (1888-1967)1979February516PDF
CutrightPaul R.Cleome Integrifolia the Third1983May/June924PDF
CutrightPaul R.The journal of Captain Meriwether Lewis (Some observations concerning the journal hiatuses of Captain Lewis)1984February1018PDF
CutrightPaul R.A history of Lewis's Woodpecker and Clark's Nutcracker1984May102-39PDF
CutrightPaul R.Meriwether Lewis's "Colouring of Events"1985February11110PDF
CutrightPaul R.Rest, rest, perturbed Spirit1986March1217PDF
DanisiJohnUncovering Jefferson's Account of Lewis's Mysterious Death2012November38418PDF
DanisiThomas C.The Ague made Him Do It2002February28110PDF
DanisiThomas C.Homeward Bound2007May33216PDF
DanisiThomas C.Observations and Remarks from Lewis to Dearborn in 18072009August353PDF
DanisiThomas C.Meriwether Lewis's Land Warrant: An Untimely Reward2009November35426PDF
DanisiThomas C.Preserving the Legacy of Meriwether Lewis2010February3618PDF
DanisiThomas C.Uncovering Jefferson's Account of Lewis's Mysterious Death2012November38418PDF
DarbyMelissaOld John's Skillet2006November32416PDF
DavisNancy M.Andrew Ellicott: Astronomer, Mathematician, Surveyor1988August14328PDF
DavisNancy M.Bone Man: Lewis's mentor Caspar Wistar2000February26124PDF
DeMaioAliciaThe Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Partisan Debate Over Westerm Expansion2013February39117PDF
DemetriadesAnthonyThe Utmost Reaches of the Missouri2002November28429PDF
DietzJeffreyThe Search for Clark's 1806 Canoe Camp2011November37414PDF
DilliardIrvingTwo long neglected spots1977February319PDF
DotsonMichael R.Charles M. Russell and his Lewis and Clark art1992January18123PDF
Downing SmithKathryn L.Remembering Patrick Gass2004February30121PDF
Downing SmithKathryn L.Patrick Gass's Missing Journal2004February30124PDF
DryerPamelaExperimental burning of an earthlodge1988August14311PDF
DugatkinLee AlanOf Moose and Men: Thomas Jefferson Smites the Theory of American Degeneracy2011November3748PDF
DuncanDaytonWhat the Lewis and Clark Expedition means to America1997August2334PDF
DuncanDaytonMeriwether Lewis's "Curious Adventure"1998November2449PDF
DuncanDaytonThe Chimneys of Fort Mandan1999August25313PDF
DuncanDaytonLewis and Clark's Old Glory1999November25410PDF
DuncanDaytonToilsome days and wristless nights: Meeting the Shoshones in August 1805, Meriwether Lewis did almost everything right, but self-doubt still haunted him2000November26418PDF
DuncanDaytonScenes of Visionary Enchantment2003November29412PDF
DunlayThomas W.Battery of Venus: a clue to the journal-keeping Methods of Lewis and Clark1983August936PDF
EricksonDougMathew Carey: First Chronicler of Lewis and Clark2003August29328PDF
EricksonMartinCentral Montana Mystery: Where is the Lewis and Clark lower portage camp?1991May17219PDF
EricksonMartinIt felt like they were there1998August24310PDF
EricksonMartinWalking Philadelphia1999February25112PDF
EricksonMartinOld Map Helps Pinpoint Location of Original Fort Clatsop1999May25225PDF
EricksonMartinSacagawea Dollar Coin Set to Mint1999May25236PDF
EricksonMartinMusic Flows from the Journals of Lewis and Clark1999August25335PDF
FahertyWilliam BarnabyGeneral Clark and the Jesuits1991August17313PDF
FazioJames R.New Idaho Foundation Chapter and Idaho Lewis and Clark Trail Committee dedicated to protecting last remnants of L&C Trail1986March12118PDF
FazioJames R.A Bicentennial Wish List, (Page 272008August343PDF
FisherWilliamThe bear pursueing his assailant1982November8418PDF
FleekSherman L.The Army of Lewis and Clark2004November3048PDF
FoleyWilliam E.Widerness Journey: The Fate of William Clark2003November29428PDF
FoleyWilliam E.A Family's Ordeal: The Troubling Case of William Preston Clark2008May3428PDF
FoleyWilliam E.Lewis and Clark's American Travels: The View from Great Britain2009May3526PDF
ForestMarguerite S. E.Searching for Sea Otters2007August33318PDF
FrickRuthConflict! Frederick Bates and Meriwether Lewis1993August19320PDF
FrickRuthJohn Colter: R.I.P1994February20120PDF
FritzHarry W.Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and the discovery of Montana1984November10426PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertLewis and Clark in verse1996February22112PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertA View from This Summit: Reflections on history, patriotism, and Lewis and Clark2000November26427PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertNeglected Classics2004May30227PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertLewis and Clark stories tough universal personal themes2010August36328PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertVoyager: Seeking News Worlds in the Third Great Age of Discovery (Book Review)2011February37129PDF
FurtwanglerAlbertJournal Copying at Travelers' Rest: The journals of Gass, Ordway, and Whitehouse add details to the record2011May37214PDF
GardnerJames A.Voyage of discovery: Lewis and Clark expedition, Lewis and Clark College1982May826PDF
GardnerJames A.International interpretations & Internationalist's interpretation of the Lewis and Clark expedition1986November12421PDF
GarrisonDwightLewis is not alone1987November13410PDF
GatlinWilliam M.Lewis and Clark and the Articles of War: The captains' system of military justice2011May37221PDF
GattenRobert E.A discovery in Virginia: The birthplace of William Clark1993May1926PDF
GattenRobert E.Clark Land in Virginia and the Birthplace of William Clark1999May2526PDF
GentileNicholas W.Philosophical Sympathy and Seeds of Extinction2010May36218PDF
GertzStephen J.Jefferson Letter on Lewis & Clark Offered at Auction2014February40131N/A
GibbonsLoren M.All Them Horses and One Poor Mule2002August28326PDF
GilbertThomas L.Historical North Dakota to host Foundation's 20th annual meeting1988February14116PDF
GildeaHughTracking Down the Trump: Jaw Harp Speculative Second Fiddle in the Expedition's Musical Ensemble1999May25212PDF
GillLarry.The great portage: Lewis and Clark's overland journey around the great falls of the Missouri river1975Fall146PDF
GilmanCarolynThe Forensic Conservator and the Science of Lewis and Clark: An "inside look" at instruments that may or may not have traveled on the expedition2001February27120PDF
GilmanCarolynLewis and Clark Encounter a World of Women2012August38312PDF
GilmanCarolynGeorge Rogers Clark: Jefferson's First Emissary in the West2014February40120N/A
GordenGregThe Character of Meriwether Lewis: Explorer in the Wilderness (Book Review)2012August38328PDF
GordonPhillipWhat is the Shortest Distance between Wolf Point and San Francisco? The Lewis and Clark Trail2012November38428PDF
GorskiMargaretA Message from the President2013November3942N/A
GorskiMargaretA Message from the President2014February4012N/A
GorskiMargaretLewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation's Trail Stewardship Grants: A Bicentennial Legacy2014February4013N/A
GorskiMargaretThe Jefferson River Canoe Trail Project2014February4015N/A
GorskiMargaretA Message from the President2014May4022N/A
GravelinesPaulJoseph Gravelines and the Lewis and Clark Expedition1977October345PDF
GreifensteinCharlesBenjamin Rush Man Of many Parts2002May28228PDF
GresswellEarl F.A day on the Lewis and Clark trail in pursuit of Lemhi Pass1988February14118PDF
GrinnellCalvinAnother View of Sakakawea1999May25216PDF
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GuiceJohn D.W.Moonlight and Meriwether Lewis2002February28121PDF
HahnLizLewis and Clark1979October5410PDF
HainesworthLornaPlanning a Transcontinental Journey2009August3538PDF
HainesworthLornaRemembering Jane Randol Jackson (Trail Notes)2011November3745PDF
HainesworthLornaLewis and Clark Day in Frederick, Maryland2011November3746PDF
HamiltonJean TyreeA Jefferson Monument (Tombstone) on the University of Missouri Campus1985May1126PDF
HardeeJimMoonlighting on the Lewis and Clark Expedition2008November34416PDF
HardeeJimThe Influence of the Red-Headed Chief: William Clark's Post-Expedition Interaction with Indian Nations2014May4028N/A
HarrisonSteveMeriwether Lewis's First written reference to the Expedition: April 15, 18031983November9410PDF
HastingsPatricia B.Sugaring at Camp Dubois2002May2829PDF
HavilandKadeThe Knife River Drama and a dream about a long table1988May14216PDF
Hendrix JrJames P.Meriwether Lewis's Georgia Boyhood2001August27325PDF
HenleyJaneHistoric Fincastle one of Post-meeting Trips1995February21112PDF
HenleyJaneClark & Lewis homeplaces featured1995May21210PDF
Heynau Hans A.Revisiting Fort Mandan's Latitude2001November27427PDF
HindsV. StrodePatterns of the Missouri River1996May22218PDF
HindsV. StrodeReconstructing Charles Floyd: Forensic artistry yields an image of the ill-fated sergeant2001February27116PDF
HockadayJoanBeautiful Blue Camas2003November29420PDF
HoffmanWillardThe gravesite of the expedition's Alexander Hamilton Willard1980May6220PDF
HolcombBobMeriwether Lewis and his Cedar tree1992May18227PDF
HolcombGerald R.The Lewis and Clark Exposition Gold Dollar1985May1129PDF
HolcombGerald R.Undiscovered diary found1996November22426PDF
HollandErikThe Sakakawea (Awatixa) Site1988May1428PDF
HollandLeandraPreserving Food On The L&C Expedition2001August2736PDF
HollandLeandraEmpty Kettles in the Bitterroots2003August29318PDF
HolmbergJames J.A summary of birds seen by Lewis and Clark1984May102-323PDF
HolmbergJames J."I wish you to see & know all." The recently discovered letters of William Clark to Jonathan Clark1992November1844PDF
HolmbergJames J.Monument to a "Young man of much merit"1996August2234PDF
HolmbergJames J."This report has vexed me a little": William Clark reports of an affair of honor1998November24428PDF
HolmbergJames J.The "New" William Clark Letters1999February2516PDF
HolmbergJames J.Seaman's Fate? Lewis's dog probably survived him2000February2617PDF
HolmbergJames J."A Man of Much Merit": George Drouillard went down fighting in the country he loved2000August2638PDF
HolmbergJames J.Getting the Word Out2001August27312PDF
HolmbergJames J.Lost & Found: Discharge Papers of John Shields2004February30135PDF
HolmbergJames J.Fairly Launched on my Voyage of Discovery2009August35320PDF
HolmbergJames J.Lewis and Clark at the Falls of the Ohio2012May38236PDF
HolmesKrysThe Stories Left Behind: An author's struggle to convey a state's history2011August37324PDF
HolmgrenVirginiaWhistling down the Tundra1984November10418PDF
HolmgrenVirginiaBirds of the Lewis and Clark Journals1984May102-317PDF
HolmgrenVirginiaMelanerpes Lewis; Those Latin words (Binomials or Trinomials) Why do we Need and Use Them1984May102-326PDF
HolmgrenVirginiaA glossary of bird names cited by Lewis and Clark1984May102-328PDF
HoovestolHoward.The espontoons of Lewis and Clark1990February16118PDF
HowellMichaelGrants Sought for Evelopment of Lewis and Clark 'Descent Trail'2014February4018N/A
HuntRobertCrime and punishment on the Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 11989May1524PDF
HuntRobertCrime and punishment on the Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 21989August1534PDF
HuntRobertThe espontoon : Captain Lewis's magic stick1990February16112PDF
HuntRobertThe Blood Meal: Mosquitoes and agues on the Lewis & Clark Expedition2010August36316PDF
HuntRobertThe "Odyssey" of Lewis & Clark2010August36329PDF
HuntRobertOf Rivers and Oceans2010August3638PDF
HuntRobert R.Of rivers and oceans1987May13220PDF
HuntRobert R.Merry to the fiddle: the musical amusement of the Lewis and Clark Party1988November14410PDF
HuntRobert R.Mockersons: an unspoken tongue1990August1634PDF
HuntRobert R.Gills and Drams of consolidation: Ardent Spirits on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 1)1991August17319PDF
HuntRobert R.Gills and Drams of consolidation: Ardent Spirits on the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 2)1991November17411PDF
HuntRobert R.The blood meal: mosquitoes and agues on the Lewis & Clark Expedition (Part 1)1992May1824PDF
HuntRobert R.The blood meal: mosquitoes and agues on the Lewis & Clark Expedition (Part 2)1992August1834PDF
HuntRobert R.Fun and games on the Lewis & Clark expedition1993August1934PDF
HuntRobert R.Games, sports, and amusements of natives encountered on the Lewis and Clark Expedition1994May2027PDF
HuntRobert R.Hoofbeats and nightmares: A horse chronicle of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 11994November2044PDF
HuntRobert R.Hoofbeats and nightmares: A horse chronicle of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 21995February2114PDF
HuntRobert R.Tent shreds and pieces: nomadic shelter on the Lewis and Clark Expedition1996May2224PDF
HuntRobert R.Fish feast or famine : Incomplete anglers on the Lewis and Clark Expedition1997February2314PDF
HuntRobert R.Luck or Providence? Narrow Escapes on the Lewis and Clark Expedition1999August2536PDF
HuntRobert R.Matches and Magic: Just how did the Corps of Discovery make fire?2000August26313PDF
HuntRobert R.For Whom the Guns Sounded: Sgt. Floyd's Funeral Revisited2001February27110PDF
HuntRobert R.The "Odyssey" of Lewis and Clark2003February29114PDF
HuntRobert R.Fire Paths on the Lewis & Clark Trail2004May30214PDF
HuntRobert R.Wireless in the Wilderness2005May31220PDF
HuntRobert R.Eye Talk, Ear Talk2006August32312PDF
HuntRobert R.Following the Peripatetic Captains2007May33228PDF
HuntRobert R.Of Thermometers and Temperatures on the Lewis and Clark Expedition2007November33416PDF
HuserVerneOn the Rivers with Lewis and Clark2003May29217PDF
JacksonDonaldThomas Jefferson and the Pacific Northwest1974Winter115PDF
JacksonDonaldMeriwether Lewis comes home1976December246PDF
JacksonDonaldZebulon Pike: The poor man's Lewis and Clark1978October446PDF
JacksonDonaldCall him a good old dog, but don't call him Scannon1987August1335PDF
JacksonDonaldThomas Jefferson and the Pacific Northwest1998May24218PDF
JacksonJane RandolCape Girardeau and the Corps of Discovery2005February31114PDF
JacksonJohn C.The Fight on Two Medicine River2006February32114PDF
JacksonJohn C.Homeward Bound2007May33216PDF
JacksonJohn C.The Man Hunter2009February35112PDF
JacksonJohn C.A Dog's Life in the Far West: Speculation on the fate of the big Newfoundland than accompanied Lewis & Clark2011February37119PDF
JacksonJohn C.Reuben Lewis: Fur Trader, Subagent, and Meriwether's Younger Brother2012November3848PDF
JengoJohn W.Donna Reed in buckskin and the rise of American auto-tourism (Book Review)2010November36433PDF
JefferyJoseph D.Meriwether Lewis at Harpers Ferry1994November20414PDF
JengoJohn W.High Broken and Rocky2002May28222PDF
JengoJohn W.Specimine of the Stone2005August31317PDF
JengoJohn W.An Excellent Guide to Subsequent Explorers2007August3336PDF
JengoJohn W.Authenticating Clark's Signature2008May34226PDF
JengoJohn W."Blue Earth," "Clift of White" and "Burning Bluffs": Lewis and Clark Extraordinary Mineral Encounters in Northeastern Nebraska2011February3716PDF
JengoJohn W."Witness the Specimens of Lava and Pummicestone": The North Dakota "Burnt Hills" of Lewis and Clark2013August39319N/A
JenkinsonClay S.The North American Journal of Prince Maximillian of Wied (Book Review)2011August37321PDF
JenkinsonClay S.Uncovering the Truth about Meriwether Lewis (Danisi Book Review)2012May38232PDF
JohnsonPeterForest Service agrees to back (Great Falls Interpretive) Center funding1991May17225PDF
JohnsonPeterGovernor Stephens signs Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center funding bill1991August17330PDF
JonesLandon Y.Peripatetic Billy2004August3038PDF
JonesLandon Y.Clark on the Yellowstone2006February32124PDF
JordanMark W.Meriwether Lewis's Ingenious Iron Boat2003May29225PDF
KarsmizkiKenneth W.Searching for the invisible: some efforts to find expedition camps Part 11995August2134PDF
KarsmizkiKenneth W.Searching for the invisible: some efforts to find expedition camps Part 21995November2144PDF
KarsmizkiKenneth W.Fort Mandan: the lost wintering post of 1804-18051997May23221PDF
KarsmizkiKenneth W.Lewis's Iron Boat2003November29438PDF
KaruzasErikaRetracing Lolo Trail2008February34121PDF
KayeEdward B.American Indian Flags and the L&C Bicentennial2008May34220PDF
KellerRichardThe Short Rifle of Lewis and Clark2006May32220PDF
KirkpatrickGlenThe Foundation in Other Media: John Lipscomb Meets the Press2010November36430PDF
KirkpatrickGlenThe Rediscovery of Clark's Point of View1999February25128PDF
KirkpatrickGlenThe 'stupendious" Columbia Gorge2001May2726PDF
KittredgeCindyThe Ulm Pishkun: an ageless symbol of community1997November23419PDF
KluesnerLarryRed and White Pirogues: Travelling the Missouri with the Discovery Expedition2013February39132PDF
KnowlesCharles R.Indispensable Old Toby2003November29426PDF
KubikBarbaraJohn Colter: one of Lewis and Clark's men1983May/June9210PDF
KubikBarbaraMt. Hood / Oregon grape on view on 29th Annual meeting1996August22320PDF
KubikBarbaraThinking about "Of Rivers and Oceans"2010August3637PDF
KubikBarbaraBy Honor and Right: How One man Boldly Defined the Destiny of a Nation (Book Review)2011August37322PDF
KubikBarbaraSacagawea: A Bibliography2012August38325PDF
KubikBarbaraChristmas at Fort Clatsop2012November38436PDF
KubikBarbaraWe Proceeded On: A look back at the creation and early years of our historical journal2013May39219PDF
KubikBarbaraRobert Macfie Scriver: Montana Sculptor2013November3944N/A
KubikBarbaraWorthy of Notice: The Journal of Sergeant Patrick Gass2014May40219N/A
LambertKirbyLewis and Clark with Sacagawea: a bronze by Henry Lion1996February22122PDF
LangeRobertThe bear pursueing his assailant1982November8418PDF
LangeRobert E.$2,500.00 vs. $38,722.25: The financial outlay for the historic enterprise1975Spring128PDF
LangeRobert E.Lewis and Clark historian: Olin D. Wheeler1975Fall1412PDF
LangeRobert E.Christmas came three times, 1803 - 1804 - 1805, to the Corps of Discovery1976December2410PDF
LangeRobert E.The brig "Lydia" misses a rendezvous with history1977October3410PDF
LangeRobert E.Have you ever lost track of what day of the week it is? Our Captains did!1978February4116PDF
LangeRobert E.Thomas Jefferson's birthday1978May4211PDF
LangeRobert E.The Peale portraits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark1978May4212PDF
LangeRobert E.The expedition's brothers: Joseph and Reuben Field1978July4315PDF
LangeRobert E.President Thomas Jefferson seeks a secretary: Meriwether Lewis responds1979February5112PDF
LangeRobert E.The mountain passes1979May5210PDF
LangeRobert E.George Drouillard (Drewyer): One of the two or three most valuable men on the expedition1979May5214PDF
LangeRobert E.Thwaites volumes are not all journals1979May526PDF
LangeRobert E.Marquis de Lafayette: William Clark and a live grizzly bear cub1979May529PDF
LangeRobert E.A bear story: McNeal escapes from a grizzly1979July5313PDF
LangeRobert E.John Shields: Lewis and Clark's handy-man; gunsmith, blacksmith, general mechanic for the expedition1979October5414PDF
LangeRobert E.The expedition and the inclement weather of November - December 18051979October5414PDF
LangeRobert E.An 1894 monograph about Sergeant Floyd's journal1980February615PDF
LangeRobert E.Poor Charbonneau! Was he as incompetent as the journals / narratives make him out to be!1980May6214PDF
LangeRobert E.Nicholas Biddle: a biographical sketch1980August638PDF
LangeRobert E.1905 statues of the Captains have disappeared1980November6420PDF
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Foundation Presents 2011 Awards2012February3815PDF
A River Runs Through It2012February3816PDF
Notes from the Capital2012February3816PDF
Strummin' the Trail2012February3816PDF
A 2013 York Stamp?2012February3816PDF
Proceeding On. And On.2012February3816PDF
Passages: Rose Oleson2012February3817PDF
Supreme Court and Navigable Waters2012May3824PDF
New Executive Director2012May3825PDF
Corps of Discovery Kites2012May3825PDF
From Buffalo to Expedition Books2012May3825PDF
Results of the 2011 LCTHF Survey2012May3826PDF
Planning Budgeting Priorities2012May3826PDF
Governance and Headquarters Location2012May3827PDF
Sturdevant New 2012-2013 President; New Board Members2012November38432PDF
Annual Meeting: Rendezvous with the Clark Clan in Clarksville, Indiana2012November38434PDF
Atlases, Maps, Start Charts2012November3844PDF
Celebrating George Catlin2012November3844PDF
From the Library Shelves to the Easel2012November3845PDF
Tribal Legacy Project2012November3845PDF
The Discovery Continues: Lewis and Clark, The Computer Game2013February3917PDF
This Boot is Made for Reading2013February3917PDF
The Expedition in Bronze2013February3918PDF
In Memoriam: Bob Doerk2013February3918PDF
Passages: Ruth Lange2013May3926PDF
Frank X Walker named Kentucky Poet Laureate2013May3926PDF
A New Clymer Masterpiece on Exhibit2013May3926PDF
Scott Tucker Named Superintendent of Lewis and Clark NHP2013August3934N/A
New Lewis and Clark Exhibit Opens2013August3935N/A
Erosion Fix Sought at Lewis and Clark Site2013August3935N/A
Remembering Stuart Edward Knapp2013August3935N/A
From the new editorial staff2013August39332N/A
New Exhibit Opening at Encounter Center, Sioux City, Iowa2013November3948N/A
Vandalism to Pompey's Pillar2014February4017N/A
"Ocian in View" Cultural Weekend2014February4019N/A
New Books on Lewis and Clark2014February4019N/A
Unfinished Columbia Gorge monument comes down2014May4025N/A
Remembering Gail M. Stensland2014May4026N/A
Lewis and Clark National Historical Park: Visiting the End of the Trail at the Mouth of the Columbia2014May40232N/A

1Compiled by Ken Jutzi and Kris Townsend

2N/A means not yet available online.