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We preserve, promote and teach the diverse heritage of the Corps of Discovery for the benefit of all people.

Corps of Discovery: A Curriculum Guide

Corps of Discovery: 2024 Curriculum Guide

  • Take your students on a journey with the Corps of Discovery
  • Discover our new cross-curricular guide featuring 50+ enhanced activities for today's elementary, middle, and high school students
  • Ready-to-use curriculum
2024 Curriculum Guide

Discovering Lewis and Clark

Our companion educational website has:

  • In-depth articles by leading historians
  • Interpretive artwork
  • Daily features
Discover Lewis & Clark Website

The American Legacy: 2001 Curriculum Guide

Curriculum and Resource Guide for Middle and Junior High Schools grades 5–9 by the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, 2001.

2001 Curriculum Guide

Honoring Tribal Legacies

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We partner with Honoring Tribal Legacies, a digital collection of teaching resources for use in classrooms everywhere:

From the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, U.S. National Park Service

Color the Trail: Animals features the Trail’s creatures with their names in Chinuk Wawa, Lakota, Arikara, Shoshoni, Osage, Hidatsa, Blackfoot, Nimipuutimt, and Mandan. Color the Trail: Birds describes species in the Journals of Lewis and Clark.

Virtual Learning Series—Fridays with a Ranger. Virtual tours every friday at YouTube.

Explore all 4,900 miles of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail from your living room at: You'll find amazing interactive maps linking sites along the Trail’s 4,900 miles from Pittsburgh all the way to the Pacific Ocean!

Virtual Passport Stamp: Hidden somewhere on our Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail website is our new virtual visitor stamp. Click around.

Virtual Trail Trip with the Lewis and Clark Pups: Relive the 2018 Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and International Space Station journey of the Lewis and Clark Pups by visiting the Newfie News Blog.

Junior Ranger Program: Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail