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About the Library and Archives

The Sherman Library includes more than 3,000 rare and modern books and periodicals. The library focuses on subjects relevant to the Corps of Discovery Expedition, the history of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, biographies and descendants of the Corps of Discovery, the Indian Nations through whose lands the Corps passed, and the establishment of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.

Our staff strives to provide reference services to authors, historians, teachers, students, artists, filmmakers, and visitors from around the world. We encourage new research on all aspects of the Lewis and Clark story and its context.

The library and archive is located in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center* in Great Falls, MT and open to the public. To visit the library, paid admission to the visitor center is not required.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, call our business office at (406) 454-1234 or e-mail us at

Library Catalog

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Archival Collections

by collection number
Last updated 7/2021 by Della Yeager

Archival Collections (Closed)

Collection Number Collection Title Date Finding Aid Approx. Vol.
AR 001 Robert B. Betts Papers 1978–1993 Online 1.0 lf
AR 002 Confluence of Cultures Symposium Collection 2003 Online 0.5 lf
AR 003 William P. Sherman Papers 1976-2002 Online 1.5 lf
AR 004 Sheila Robinson Papers 1968–2001 Online 1.5 lf
AR 005 G. Edward (Gus) Budde Papers 1970-1981 Online 2.0 lf
AR 006 Robert E. Gatten, Jr. National Bicentennial Council Papers 1989–2001 Online 2.0 lf
AR 007 Lewis and Clark Descendant Project Collection 1999–2005 Online 15.5 lf
AR 008 Harry W. Fritz Lewis and Clark Research Collection 1925-2005 Online 2.0 lf
AR 009 Sammye Meadows, Tribal Coordinator, Circle of Tribal Advisors, Papers 2000-2007 Online 5.0 lf
AR 010 Headwaters Chapter Records Kept by Don Nell 1985-2009 yes 3.0 lf
AR 011 Don Nell Research Collection 1985-2003 yes 5.0 lf
AR 012 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Eastern Legacy and Bicentennial Records 1978, 1991-2007 Online 4.0 lf
AR 013 Phil Scriver Papers re: Explore the Big Sky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Event 1999–2006 Online 1.5 lf
AR 014 Andrew Guilliford Papers 1999–2003 Online 1.0 lf
AR 015 Bureau of Land Management Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Records 2003-2006 Online 1.0 lf
AR 016 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Events Collection 2003–2006 Online 4.0 lf
AR 017 National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Annual Convention Collection 2003 Online 0.5 lf
AR 019 LCTHF Genealogy Committee Records 2005–2010 Online 2.0 lf
AR 020 Heart of America: A Journey Fourth Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Event Records 2000–2006 Online 2.5 lf
AR 021 Raymond D. Burroughs Manuscripts re: Game Trails of the Lewis and Clark Expedition 1989-1990 Online 0.5 lf
AR 022 USPS Lewis and Clark First Day of Issue 2004 Online 0.5 lf
AR 023 Circle of Tribal Advisors for the National Council of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Records   yes 8.0 lf
AR 024 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Materials Compiled by Hal Stearns, Jr. 2002-2006 Online 1.0 lf
AR 025 Thomas Danisi Papers re: Meriwether Lewis 1999-2009 Online 1.0 lf
AR 026 National Council for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Records   no 6.0 lf
AR 027 Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Materials Compiled by Chet Robinson   no 1.0 lf
AR 028 Jack Nottingham Papers re: Portage of the Great Falls of the Missouri   no 0.5 lf
AR 029 Minnesota Chapter Records 2006–2010 Online 1.5 lf
AR 030 Charles V. Campbell Papers   no 1.0 lf
AR 032 USS Lewis and Clark Launch, Compiled by Grace Sale Wilson   no 1.5 lf
AR 033 Corps II, Tent Of Many Voices Traveling Exhibit Records   Online 0.5 lf
AR 034 Lewis and Clark BicentennialM aterials Compiled by Helen Markwell   no 1.5 lf
AR 035 Missouri Lewis and Clark Commission Materials Compiled by Gerald Lee 1997-2005 Online 3.0 lf
AR 036 Papers of James R. Fazio   Online 2.0 lf
AR 037 Flathead Chapter LCTHF Records 2004-2009 Online 1.0 lf
AR 038 Dr. James Mungas and Windsor (Seaman) Papers 1990-2011 Online >0.5lf
AR 039 Robert E. Gatten Research Papers   no 1.5 lf
AR 040 Phil Scriver Collection of Various Lewis and Clark Organization Record no 1.5 lf
AR 041 Robert E. Gatten General Papers yes 0.5 lf
AR 042 Philadelphia Chapter Papers Online 1.5 lf
AR 043 Ron Anglin Colter Research Papers   no 21.0 ft.
AR 044 Oregon Bicentennial Commission no 3.0 lf

Ongoing Collections—Record Groups

Collection Number Collection Title Date Finding Aid Approx. Vol.
RG 001 LCTHF Publications 1970 - present no 3.5 lf
RG 002 LCTHF Oral History Project Records 2008-present no  
RG 003 LCTHF Organizational Records 1961 - present Online 166.5 lf